Sunday, August 2, 2009

Workin' It

In the words of Missy Elliott, " I like the way you work it!"

I have this fear that when it comes time to get married, I'll be too heavy to be carried over the threshold. I have to be carried over the threshold. I know it's silly, but it's one of those traditions that I feel I must uphold at all costs.

So I'm preparing way way way in advance. We joined the YMCA a few months back in an attempt to get in shape and spend some more time together. The Y is actually perfect because it's not one of those gyms where all the perfect people go to flaunt their perfect bodies in front of each other. The gym is full of a bunch of real looking people. So I fit right in!

They also set you up with 6 free weeks with a trainer which is awesome. They monitor your weight and BMI and set up a routine based on what your goals are. My trainer may be a bit overenthusiastic about working out but I'm sure it's good for me.

Hopefully by starting way ahead of time I'll be hot for my wedding and light enough to carry over the threshold or at least light enough to get tossed across it....whichever my man desires!

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