Thursday, October 29, 2009

Searching Hi and Low

Calling all cute adorable shoes in the perfect shade of blue! Where are you? :)

Since before I even had a ring on my finger I've been searching for the perfect wedding shoe. My friend Leesa (also my co-MOH) got married last year and rocked some awesome red shoes under her wedding dress. I vowed right then and there that when I got married I would have some fabulous colored shoes on under my dress too.

And so the hunt began. I searched everywhere - DSW, Zappos, Payless, David's Bridal, several department stores and everywhere else I could think to type into my Google search engine. I found a lot of tempting shoes like these:

I was gonna dye these blue - they're David's Bridal

I found these on Zappos - but they're just not me

These are Nine West - a little casual though :(

But none of these were perfect. So I kept searching. Then I stumbled upon these on a Weddingbee thread. The poster called these the perfect blue shoe and that they were. (Oh poo...they're not on zappos anymore so unfortunately I can't show ya'll they're hotness.)

One problem though. Every time I get close to spending that much on a pair of shoes I get crazy anxiety. I know they're not even $100 but still. I don't know how Carrie did it on Sex and the City for all those years.

Then yesterday my sister and I went out shopping for Halloween makeup for her zombie costume and we stumbled upon a new store, Nordstrom Rack. I know I've seen lots of cute blue dresses on the Nordstrom website so I thought we'd stop and check it out. We've been looking for bridesmaid dresses too. Guess what I found (it's not a dress)?

The perfect blue shoe!!! And they were under $50. Yay!!!! They're Steve Madden and have a 4 1/4" heel on them. That'll making planting a big kiss on my mister just that much easier. I'll only be about 6" shorter than him instead of my usual 10".

Here's a bit more shoe porn for you guys:

Now all I have to do is wait a year to wear them. Boo. I will just have to wear them around the house all year long to break them in.

I also recently decided that I'm going to be a 2-shoe bride. I plan on rocking these at the reception.

Can you say comfortable?

How long did it take you to find the perfect shoe? Can I show my mister the shoes or do they count as part of the ensemble so I shouldn't show him since he's not allowed to see my dress until the big day? Are you changing shoes for the reception?


  1. I was rocking super cute Ed Hardy twisty flats in yellow under my dress (complete with super cute bow) but by the time I got to the reception the backs of my heels hurt so bad that I just wore puma socks!

  2. Your sale find is absolutely gorgeous!!! I want them for me just to wear out! Even better that you got a great deal on them.

  3. Love the shoes! I too want a nice colorful shoe peeking out from under the dress.

  4. Lovely shoes! But random question- wondering did you make the html for your blog- its so cute!

  5. I didn't make the html for my blogger. I just Google searched for blogger backgrounds and found this after going through many pages of boring ones. Thanks for the compliment!

  6. Just found your blog through Weddingbee! Love the shoes! I am 15 inches shorter than my fiance, so I feel your pain :)