Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Back and Better Than Ever!

Hi Girls! My blogging has been on hiatus this last week or so and I apologize. I got some bad news from Weddingbee :( so I decided to take a break from the blogging world. I wanted to take some time to think about why I was blogging in the first place. Was I just blogging because I badly wanted to blog for Weddingbee or was it something else?

I realized after my week of contemplation that I was blogging to share my wedding planning with my family and friends. And I was also writing to share my experiences with all the other bride-to-be's that are reading my blog. I decided it was important to keep going. I needed to write for me. And if at some point Weddingbee does accept me, then BONUS!

But until then I will keep trucking. I came up with a list of topics to blog about so I don't run out. Tune in tomorrow for the first installment of my new-found excitement for blogging. And I promise I won't disappear again. Pinky swear!