Saturday, May 22, 2010

Telephone = Evil

I really don't know how I would have survived 20 years ago, let alone plan a wedding. I hate the phone, unless, of course, I'm texting someone. I'll say it again, I hate the phone! Ugh....thus the start of my current problem.

I have been cruising along just fine checking things off my to-do list left and right. And then it got difficult. So far I've pretty much been able to do everything online. But now I've got to book a bartender for the reception and I've also got to rent linens and possibly some extra tables for the reception. And unfortunately these things have to be done over the phone.

I've known about them for months and I keep putting it off. I really hate the phone. Did I mention that already? I have literally been putting off these phone calls for a couple months now. I know I need to make them, but I can't seem to force myself.

Have you struggled with any aspects of wedding planning? Are you a a phone-a-phobe like me?


  1. HaHa! I hate the phone too! You are certainly doing great on all of your wedding preparations! I can't wait till the final event!

  2. I think the talking on the phone phobia may be a generational thing, from a conversation I had recently with a few couples around my age. Since those your age have all the online and texting capability, that's your norm.

    Add to that your genes from me, who also hates making phone calls to strangers, and you were basically doomed from the get go... ;)