Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Invitation Craziness Continues

Designing and building your wedding invitations is not enough - if you're like me.

I decided right before I started assembling my invitations that I'd also like to try to hand write everyone's addresses on the envelopes in calligraphy. That's right, apparently I was going to learn calligraphy. Like I said, I'm crazy! But seriously, look at these gorgeous envelopes:


And just for kicks, cause you look like you might need a little more convincing, check out one last envelope:


Alright, now that I've convinced you that calligraphy is a must have (or at least convinced you that I'm nuts), do you want to see my attempts at calligraphy? Here goes nothin'.

Not bad. I tried four different fonts and two different pens. If you want to practice, I suggest printing out an address in the font you want to use, and then just mirroring it on a piece of paper.

I decided that the font Scriptina looked the best, so I moved on to writing on actual envelopes.

Well it's a little large but not absolutely horrible. The writing's a little crooked but I could draw pencil lines if I had to. I did have to run out to Michael's a grab a smaller pen. The first one was a bit too thick.

Check out my next attempt:

*The last three photos are all from my personal camera.

Pretty freakin' good, right? Haha, I cheated - sort of. I think I'll call it a shortcut. I'll let you in on my little shortcut for perfect calligraphy in my next post, so stay tuned.

Have you decided to go above and beyond on any of your DIY wedding projects? Did you come up with any shortcuts to save time or make them easier?


  1. I'm impressed that you're taking this on. We're going with labels. But I love the way that silver pen looks on those navy envelopes! They're going to look great!

  2. Thanks Ghenet. Labels would definitely be a lot easier and that was the plan until I saw all the beautiful calligraphy. I've got some extra time so I figured, why not?

  3. Those look beautiful!! We haven't decided yet how we are going to address them but the calligraphy is stunning. I am with Ghenet, I love the silver on the navy.

  4. That is awesome! My groom is going to learn calligraphy too. Can't wait to see how you cheated :D

  5. Thanks ladies. I love how the silver stands out against the dark blue. I hope your calligraphy turns out great too!

  6. love the silver on navy too! I am prob going to address our invites myself too....I did our STDs and it took a while, but I used a quill pen and it got old fast!