Thursday, September 10, 2009

And the Dress Search Continues!

I had the day off today so yesterday I decided to call David's Bridal and see if I could set up an appointment to try on some dresses. I'd read it'd be better to go during the week when they're less busy so you can get more individual attention. I set my appointment for 11:30am and could barely sleep I was so excited to try more dresses on.

I arrived at the shop promptly at 11:30am and they had me fill out a little form with my basic info. I spent a little time describing what I was imagining for my wedding and wedding dress and then I got to look through the aisles of dresses and choose which ones I liked best. Are you ready to see what I picked out?!?! I am!!!

This one I picked out because I liked the top. It was a very simple dress, with just a little pop of bling on the top. I like the silhouette of this dress too.

This next one I chose because I liked how it looked on a mannequin in the store. It was actually really pretty and I the train was really interesting on this dress. It actually came from the collar of the dress kind of like a cape. It was cool!

The next two were both the same style: corset top, lace-up back, fluffy skirt. The first of the two had a light, flowy material on the bottom that I definitely liked. The second was a mixture beading and lace but I think it may be a little too busy for my tastes.

The last one is my favorite by far. It's all lacey! I love the sweetheart neckline and the back is awesome. If you look close you can see the back in the mirror behind me in the picture. I want to use a colored sash instead of the beaded one I've got on in the picture too.

What do you think?

Also the veil I have on in some of the pictures is the style I want to wear on my wedding day. I have to say, I had a very pleasant experience at David's Bridal. The lady I dealt with was super nice, she even took my picture for me since I went solo shopping this time.

Which dress or dresses are your favorite? What do you think of the veil?

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