Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Engagement Brunch!

Last Sunday we threw ourselves a little engagement party in the form of a brunch. My mister loves loves loves making waffles and pancakes. And he just happens to be awesome at it! We just sent out some free e-vites....easy-peasy.

Our friend Matt and my mister cookin' up a storm!

So basically we decided to invite all our friends over for a giant carb-fest - waffles, pancakes AND french toast. We did waffles and pancakes any - with chocolate chips, pecans, bananas, blueberries, etc. They were all delicious. Oh yeah, and the big hit of the day: waffles with pieces of bacon cooked into them.

Me and my mister!

My one co-MOH brought over stuff to make mimosas and peach belinis. They were yummy! The party was a total blast! It was nice to just hang out with our friends and talk and of course stuff our faces!

So happy engagement to us! Did you have an engagement party too or did you just ditch the tradition? Who threw it for you?

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