Friday, September 4, 2009

Dress Shopping!!!

Ok so as I very excitedly announced yesterday, I went dress shopping. Oh my god, fun! I tried on three dresses. I never thought about the dresses not fitting right before I starting trying them on. Rather, I never imagined them being too small. Kinda dumb, huh? Anyways on to the good stuff.

Dress #1: Modern Trousseau Macey
This is the dress that drove me to this particular bridal salon, Unbridaled. I emailed them ahead of time to make sure they definitely had the dress. Please see my previous dress post to see the dress on a model. The top was a bit big in the boobs and the hip area was a bit tight. I love the flowy romantic quality of this dress. It's definitely more unusual and I'm just not sure I can pull it off.

Dress #2: Venus 6604
I love this dress. It's so simple but I love the little bling on the hip. And I love that it hugs my curves in all the right places. This is also the dress I think my mister would like the most (you know typical guy wants to see the hot bod...haha). Maybe it's too plain though...

Dress #3: Mystery (I forgot to ask)
I was immediately turned off by this dress and for stupid reasons. I think it was because I couldn't get the dress zipped past my ample butt. :) It really is a pretty dress though. It also does a nice job of shaping my curves.

Please help me chose. I know it probably sounds like I've already made the decision but maybe I haven't. Besides I want to hear from you! So which dress do you like the best? Which dress do you think my mister would appreciate the most?


  1. I like the third one best, I think...

  2. I actually REALLY love the last dress! I think you might just have to get past the concept that the sample dress isn't your size, and imagine yourself wearing it in the proper size! It definitely shows off the body really nicely!