Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Wedding Day Bling Ideas

I've never been much of a jewelry wearing girl. For one thing, I'm not supposed to wear any jewelry at my job (it's in a bakery), except a wedding band and I don't have one of those yet! I've been breaking the rules by wearing my engagement ring anyways. I just don't want to take it off. I can't take it off. I love my engagement ring.

It got me to thinking about wedding day jewelry. I definitely do want to wear jewelry that day. Very understated and simple jewelry, but still, every girl needs a little bling.

As you may recall my engagement ring is blue topaz with a diamond flanking it on either side. I'm thinking it might be nice to get matching earrings and a necklace. Here's what I've found so far:

One of my colors is blue so it'll all go nicely with our scheme too. I also want the jewelry to have a slightly vintage feeling since my dress is sort of vintage-y. The price is definitely right for the necklace and earrings. Together, they're under $50!

What do you think of the jewelry? Is it too match-y? Do you think the jewelry matches the style of the dress?


  1. I really love both of these pieces! Definitely NOT too matchy-matchy and I think your lace dress has a bit of a vintage appeal, so it will be perfect.

  2. I like both of them. A light blue so that they don't overpower...just perfect, if you ask me. And for under $50, you just can't beat it! Great find!

  3. I think these jewelry pieces are perfect, Jenn. They're not only pretty... and tasteful... they're also just right for the style of your gown to be. If you want, I will buy them for you... send me the link. :)