Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Search for the Perfect Venue: Part Two

Last night my co-MOH, Leesa, and I went to an open house at a wedding venue I've recently been stalking online. It's called Kindred Oaks out in Georgetown, TX. Let me just say "Oh my god!" It was freaking gorgeous. This is the place. I can definitely see myself saying my "I do's" here and partying the night away with friends and family. It's perfect! I'm going to give you a little photo tour now starting at the beginning...

This is the brides room to get ready in. It's gorgeous and huge. There's a full bathroom with shower, a walk-in closet and a giant room with a couch and mirror. The best part is the window in the room looks out on everyone arriving!

Here's the groom's room. It's equipped with a bathroom, comfy couch and cable TV! Now all they need is an xBox 360. It really wouldn't surprise me if someone decides to bring one.

Here is the ceremony space. There's a nice arbor that frames where my mister and I will be standing and in the distance you can see a lake. The sun also looked like it would set behind us which will be nice the day of.

This is the view as we will exit the ceremony space.

This pavilion is where all the chowing down will be happening. It's a gorgeous limestone pavilion with exposed wood beams and a nice rain shelter if necessary.

Here is the gorgeous dance floor. There are benches surrounding the dance floor with one wall lit completely with twinkle lights. I will literally be dancing under the stars (and the white paper lanterns and trees!!!) And there's a nice nook for the DJ to tuck into so they will be out of the way.A big bonus: The honeymoon suite is included with the venue package and it's awesome. This is by far the biggest bed I've ever seen. And there's a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom!

There are a lot of other cool little areas on site and there's even a playground for the kids to play on. I'm so in love with this place. I even put my name down on a date to reserve it for one week. I really hope I can make it happen. It's perfect!

What do you think? How long did it take you to find the perfect place for your special day?


  1. Very nice, Jenn. It didn't take me too long to find our place...I had already been to two weddings there, so I knew everything would be nice. :) Love, Theresa

  2. I love the "getting ready" room - so swanky!

  3. Very nice venue! I like the area for the reception.

  4. I love this venue, the dancing area is dreamy!