Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Arrival Time!!!

I keep reading other bloggers' posts about receiving exciting things in the mail and it's finally MY TURN!!!

Yesterday on the way home from work (with a stop for Sonic tots first...yum!) I decided to stop at the mailbox just to see if my Save the Dates had arrived yet. They weren't technically supposed to be here until November 9th but a girl can hope, right? :)

So I shoved the key into the lock with my fingers crossed and hiding under a bunch a junk mail was my fat brown envelope from VistaPrint!!!! Yay! My first official online wedding order and delivery!

I promise I will post about these soon. I'm just waiting on a few more addresses and then I'm going to drop these in the mail. Hopefully I'll have that done by these weekend and then mid-next week I can post them up here! They came out great so I can't wait to share them with ya'll!

Just when I thought I had my dose of wedding excitement for the week I woke up to an email from David's Bridal this morning! My special order has arrived! (Honestly, I thought it was junk mail at first.) But of course I opened it up and then I saw my wonderful wedding dress has arrived and needs to be picked up sometime this week!!! Ahhhh! How exciting is that!

This has been a great week and it's only Tuesday morning!!!

Do you get just as excited as me when various wedding things show up in your mailbox or are ready to be picked up? Or is it just because I'm new to the wedding planning world? Will the thrill wear off?


  1. yay for it all getting here! UPS & I got really close before my wedding (they were at my house everyday for about 2 weeks!)

  2. I most definitely get over the moon exciting when getting wedding related mail! I guess in this day-in-age anything that isn't a bill is worth getting excited about!

  3. SO exciting!! I love getting packages in the mail too. I am currently expecting 2 packages of wedding "junk" and I cannot wait to get them! Looking forward to seeing your Save the Dates. :)