Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Un "Veiled"!

Hello ladies! I've completed my latest DIY project: My veil!

I knew from the beginning that I wanted a birdcage veil. I just can't picture myself in a traditional veil of any length. So I started searching for tutorials online for birdcage veils. I mean, the ones on Etsy are gorgeous but I can't justify spending $40+ on something I know I can make.

I found a tutorial that I liked and tried to follow it but kept struggling to get it to look right. The veiling was just way way way too poofy. I am not a poofy type of girl. At all. So I did what all good (or practical, whichever word fits better) DIYers do, I came up with my own way to make it.

If you're interested here's a tutorial: (I'm sorry I don't have as I went pics)

Materials Needed:
-1/4 yard (at most) of tulle
-1 sheet of felt in matching color
-thread to match
-3 larger flowers (mine are peonies)
-5"ish" smaller flowers
-1 hair comb
-1 sheet plain paper (computer paper works great)
-Straight pins

1. Start by cutting a small rectangle out of the felt, probably 1" x 2"

2. Arrange flowers on felt

3. Glue flowers to felt using hot glue gun (make sure felt is completely covered)

4. Trace large circle on paper (I think my circle was about 6" or 7" across

5. Draw straight line about an inch down from top edge (you'll end up with a circle with 1 flat edge)

6. Pin tulle to piece of paper

7. Cut tulle circle out

8. Sew along straight edge of tulle and pull tight to gather

9. Sew gathered edge of tulle to back of felt with flowers (centered)

10. Last sew hair comb to back of felt on top of gathered edge of tulle

And voila! (Pleas excuse the paste-y skin and horrible hair, it's been a long work week)

If you have any questions, please ask. Did you make your own veil?

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  1. That is so cute!! I love the accent colors, is that your something blue?? I didn't wear a veil either... I had a flower/feather/crystal headpeice thing.