Monday, November 23, 2009

Burnt Out :(

Hello Friends...let me just say ugh! :(

I feel like recently I hit a wall in the whole wedding planning process. I just lost all motivation. I'm not sure what happened exactly. I was flying along. I picked a venue, found my dress and pretty much all of my accessories for the big day, started searching out caterers and then BAM! Wall.

I think maybe I got overwhelmed. That tends to happen to me when I have big tasks ahead of me. My mind just wants to shut down because it's on overload. What I need is a game plan. I'm a list girl and am currently lacking a list. I think I need to sit down and make one ASAP! I must avoid this happening again. Especially once we get closer to the big day.

I just need to get through Thanksgiving this week and then I'm going to get back on track. (That means with the blogging too!)

Has this happened to any of you? Was it early in the planning process or closer to the big day?


  1. Don't despair! I think that most of us have gone through this phase, and it IS a'll come out of it ready and raring to go, don't worry about it.

    Make your list, you'll feel better. At least you'll feel like there's some control.

  2. I'm there now - you are not alone! Lists definitely help, but I think you are right - getting through Thanksgiving and then a little closer to the wedding day will help :)

  3. haha I hit a new wall everyday during my planning... oooohhhh the sleepless nights (on the brightside, I lost about lbs before the big day thanks to lack of sleep and food) but the end result was so worth it!
    get to the list making and it should all fall into place :)