Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Wrap Around

Hi Guys....sorry again for the severe lack in posting lately. I've been sick the past week or so. Sorry. :(

So anyways, here's what I was working on before I got sick that I didn't get a chance to post last week. I decided pretty much immediately after I bought my dress that I didn't want to use the sash that came with my dress. It was ivory and heavily beaded - very pretty but not my style.

I wanted to do something to incorporate my wedding colors and since my shoes are blue and wanted my sash to match. I went to JoAnn's and picked up some royal blue ribbon. But being me, I decided that a simple ribbon wasn't enough.

Then the idea of a flower came to my mind. I'd seen some tutorials online on organza flowers and figured "I can do that" as I keep telling myself and got to it. This is the tutorial I followed: click here!

Sorry I don't have any pictures on the sash actually on the dress but I don't want to cut the length until I get my dress altered. I hope you like it!

Did you know you'd have to change part of your dress when you bought it? If so, what'd you change?


  1. Very cute!! Will the flower sit to the side of your hip, and will the ribbon tie in a bow?

  2. Wow...I totally forgot to include that in the post. Whoops. Yes I would like it to sit off to the side. I'm not sure about a bow in the back. Originally I figured I'd somehow sew the ribbon into the back of the dress and make it look like part of the dress. But once I put the sash on with the dress I think the bright pop of color might actually look nice trailing down the back of my dress. We shall see...