Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Married in the Right Season

As you all know I'm getting married next October right in the middle of fall. However that's never the season I dreamed I'd get married in.

I always thought I'd be a summer bride. Bright colors, sunny days and all that jazz. I dreamed of the beach, sand between my toes, sun setting over the big blue ocean. Perfection....

...Or not. Have you ever been to Texas (my current state of residence) in the summer months? Ick and more ick! Hot...sticky...sweaty. And all my out-of-town guests? They'd probably melt. Soooo summer (and my original dream) are OUT!

After talking with my mister we decided we needed to look to cooler weather. Well those months are limited down here in Texas so we were basically looking at the end of October through the end of March maybe. Not much of a window really.

At first I was thinking winter wedding. How pretty would that be? skies...fake fur wraps!

Oh, but wait, I live in Texas. We don't have snow. Well damn. There goes that plan.

So to fall we fell.

One problem with fall. I'm not big on fall colors - the reds, golds and oranges. Not really my cup of tea.

So you know what I decided? If I want a summer wedding, that's what I'm gonna have...but in the fall. So we're doing sapphire and lemon yellow. These are very summery colors. But we're holding our wedding in October to prevent our guests from melting in the Texas heat.

Have you had to make any sacrifices or compromises during wedding planning?

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  1. I'm a new follower and I just love your blog! It's adorable. I'm getting married in July and I'm so excited to find other bride bloggers hehe! I always wanted a fall wedding but we were unable to so we went for July 10th.