Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Great Wedding Band Debate

I haven't honestly given wedding bands too much thought. Well I guess that's only true if you're definition of "not much thought" is searched high and low on the internet for the perfect ring on at least 10 separate occasions. But you know, I'm just saying...

What are the chances that my mister pretty much knows what he wants and I don't have a clue? I guess pretty big in my case, so without further ado, here's what he's thinking:

Pretty huh? I really like the hammered look. And some of the rings I found are good quality and pretty inexpensive. That's two yays!

So that's one ring down and one ring to go. To match or not to match? That is the question (with my ring anyway.) And I'm not talking, matching my mister's ring. That's actually not that important to me. Hmm...I wonder if he cares? I shall ask. What I mean is do I get a wedding band that matches my engagement or something totally unique.

Here's a reminder of what my ring looks like.

Here's the deal. My job (I work in a bakery) doesn't allow me to wear my engagement ring(technically anyways - I've been wearing it anyways, but I can only push my luck so long). So do I buy a wedding band that matches my engagement ring for times when I'm not at work and can wear both together?
Or do I get a wedding band that's totally unique and is pretty, but something that's totally acceptable to wear at work?

But what if I buy a unique band that doesn't match my engagement but I do want to wear both when I'm not at work? What do I do? Ugh...see my dilemma?

What would you do? Did you have trouble choosing your wedding band? What helped you make your decision?

Next up, engraving.

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  1. I love love love the hammered look on the mans ring! I think you should totally get what you like. I kinda like the idea of a unique ring.