Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stop Strangling Me!

Ok now that I've got your attention (and really it's not that drastic) I can begin. I've been having problems with my ring lately. Boo.

I've been wearing it to bed. I just can't seem to bear taking it off. You know, on the off chance I wake up in the middle of the night and want to stare at it. Besides it just feels weird to not have it on. Anyways it's been strangling my finger lately. I wake up in the morning and can barely get it off my hand. I think I must be sleeping with my hand under my head which is causing my hand to swell. In any case, it's no fun.

You're probably thinking, why does it need to come off? Well, A. My finger freakin' hurts and B. I'm not allowed to wear my ring at work. Which, by the way, sucks. I work in a bakery and am not allowed to wear any rings with stones in them. Boo. However, I've been cheating since August and wearing it anyways. But then two weeks ago, someone finally noticed and told me I had to take it off. Boo again.

So I busted out my little ring box, the one that held my ring when my mister proposed. My ring now lives in there at night, when I shower and when I'm at work. I swear that ring box gets more ring action then my finger these days. No fair. Thank god I can wear a wedding band at work since I don't want one with stones in it. I just love my ring so much I wish I didn't ever have to take it off.

Side note: Was anyone surprised by what size their finger was? I had no idea when my mister asked me so I printed off one of those ring measuring things from online. I got the number and figured it was right since I knew what size (roughly) I wear on my middle finger. (I'd never worn a ring on my ring finger before.) What I didn't realize is that when printing the ring measuring thingy out, the scale got distorted. I told my mister three sizes too big. Whoops.

Have you had any problems with your ring fitting? Has the cold or heat effected it at all?

PS. My sister is bringing her camera over tomorrow so I should have some projects up this weekend sometime!!!


  1. Not too surprised with my ring size..I am surprised however that I may need to go up a quarter size when all my bands are together...apparently the extra width makes for a tighter fit and may cause a bit of finger muffin fun, but the two bands are a nice touch

  2. Oh that's interesting. I haven't heard that. Weird.

  3. I have the same problem! I've also been wearing my ring when I sleep and in the morning I usually can't get it off either. There must be some sort of weird circulation thing happening while we sleep.