Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blood Money

Weddings are expensive. Everyone knows that or at least has found out as they've been planning, right?

Well my job doesn't pay very much so I've been looking for ways to make some extra cash. My friend and Co-MOH, Leesa, recently added two to her family - two dogs, I mean. Oscar and Mason are their names and they are absolutely adorable beagle-mixes. I love them to pieces.

She has given me the opportunity to take care of them in the afternoons since their little puppy bladders won't last til she gets home at 6pm or later. She pays me to play with her dogs. I couldn't ask for a better job. Plus, with this money, I have a little pocket money to spend on breakfast tacos and Dr Peppers. :) (For anyone who knows me, these two things are very important staples in my diet.)

But on to the name of this post - my blood money. I have been donating plasma for almost a year now. It's better than donating blood because you get paid to donate. You get paid around $20 a visit and can do it twice a week. It's seems kinda crazy but it's not bad and you can bring your laptop and watch a movie or surf the web. So I am literally paying for parts of this wedding with "blood money". If you're interested, here's where I go: BioLife Plasma. There's a little informational video on their site so you can see how it works.

Have you found unconventional ways to pay for your wedding?


  1. That's awesome lol! 20 bucks AND helping out people who need it

  2. I hope your mister has been selling his plasma too!!

  3. Thanks everyone and no the mister is not donating. He's got a decent paying job...haha. No need to get stuck with a giant needle twice a week.