Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Cake for Him

Since I talked about our (potentially) gorgeous cake in the last post I figured I should talk about what I plan on doing for my mister's special cake.

And let me just say that until I moved to Texas 4 years ago, I had never even heard of a Groom's Cake. I thought the bride and groom just shared the wedding cake. I was so naive. Haha. :)

So once I embraced the whole Groom's cake idea, and honestly why wouldn't I take the opportunity to make another cake, I started to brainstorm. I almost immediately thought: ZOMBIES!!!

He is super into zombies. Zombie movies, zombie video games (I have to confess I'm quite the shot when it comes to killing some zombies), zombie anything. But how do I make an awesome zombie-themed groom's cake? Simple! What do zombies love most?

Brains! I'm going to make a giant brain cake. Then I plan on molding all sorts of little zombies to climb on the brain, eat the brain, crawl across the table towards the get the picture. I may even throw in a few themed zombies, for instance: super heros, Star Wars characters, etc.

Awesome, right? So I figured cool, we'll serve this at the less formal, more intimate rehearsal dinner. Wrong. He wants it at the wedding. So his brain cake will be sitting next to our gorgeous lacey wedding cake. Haha, it'll be a nice juxtaposition at least.

Are you having a groom's cake for your groom? How did you decide what to get and what will it look like?


  1. Ew gross. Yet so cool at the same time!! haha. I love it! My fiance is a big gamer so he wants his groom's cake to look like an old-school Nintendo. :)

  2. Ooo that'll be awesome! Are you making it or are you having it made?