Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Table Fit for a Cake (or Two)

Now that I've told ya'll my plans for our two special cakes, let's talk cake tables.

Don't you just love a gorgeous cake table? After seeing these pictures and many more just like these I began to think about how I wanted to decorate my cake table.

I'm thinking maybe some flower petals, possibly some candles, but most definitely some wooden (or in my case, chipboard) letters. I just died when I saw "I DO" spelled out on that one couple's cake table. So what did I do? I ran out to the nearest Michaels and purchased large letters, "I", "D" and "O"! Oh and some paint!

Here's what I came up with:

Taken by yours truly

I started out painting the tops of the letter yellow and all the sides blue. But after I finished painting there was something missing. I know! Glitter. Glitter makes everything better in my opinion. I think the glitter will be a nice touch with some candles flickering close by.

What do ya'll think? How are you decorating your cake table?

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