Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sniff Sniff

I've been DIY-ing my butt off lately. (Well not literally. I want my sizable ass to say sizable thank you very much. Haha!) Anyways, wanna see my most recent project??? Do ya?? Do ya??

Little "Tears of Joy" tissue packets!

Aren't they adorable? I love how they turned out. And they were relatively easy. Lots of steps (which I will momentarily be sharing with you) but easy nonetheless. So without further ado, I present you the steps for making these cute tissue packets.

1. Measure the tissue. Then, using the ruler figure out your envelope flaps. (This part probably took the longest. Lots of trials before I got it right.)

2. Once you get the envelope drawn out, use a copier to copy the design onto vellum sheets of paper.

3. Now the fun part. Cutting all of the envelopes out. Uggh....enter callus on scissor finger. Oh yeah and one very large paper cut. :(

4. Ok, now fold all flaps over and crease. I tried using the creaser that came on my paper cutter but the paper was too thin and it actually cut through the vellum. So I just creased them all by hand.

5. Bear with me, we're almost done. Now you're going to stuff the envelope with the tissue and then glue the side flaps together and then glue the bottom flap to the sides.

6. Lastly, you're going to print out circle labels (I got some Post-It brand labels from Office Max. Bonus: the labels are removeable so guests won't have to rip the envelope or sticker to get the tissue out!) I typed "For Your Tears of Joy" on mine.

I'm not done with these yet. These little envelopes are not going to stand alone. They're part of a bigger project. Ya'll will just have to wait to see what's to come.

What little DIY projects are you proud of? Are any of ya'll providing your guests with tissues for the ceremony?


  1. This is a very nice project! I hear ya on the cutting part. My FI and I are working on a DIY that involves A LOT of cutting (think pocket folds). We don't use scissors though, we use an xacto knife, a ruler, and a self-healing mat, I think it's a bit easier than scissors. Maybe you can recruit your FI into cutting some of your future projects for you?

  2. WOW, how adorable! I love this idea. Will you be using these as favors? SO SO SO cute!

  3. Nina: I'm hoping I can use my cutter when it comes time to work on the invites. An maybe I'll be able to convince my FI to help...I'll probably just have to count on my BMs.

    Brittany: They're actually going to be part of my program. Once I get that all worked out I'll be sure to show off the final result!

  4. So adorable! They turned out really cute!

  5. Umm... can you please reserve about 5 of those packets for me? You know me, sentimental Mom who cries at almost every event involving her darling daughters...

    Seriously, though, they're really cute!