Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Look or Not to Look...

...that is the question. As far as I can tell the first look has become very popular in the wedding world. And for those of you that don't know what this is, it's basically a private moment shared between the bride and groom before the ceremony on their wedding day.

I've always been very much in the "Not to Look" camp. I wanted to uphold tradition and not see my groom until I was walking down the aisle towards him. I want to see his face light up as I appear at the top of the stairs. It seems so magical, right?

So what's causing me to rethink my decision? My photographer. When we met with him two weeks ago he said he was very much in favor of the First Look. Apparently a lot of photographers are starting to suggest it because they can get more natural-looking photos of the brides and groom seeing each other for the first time and they're less rushed.

Another reason to consider a first look is that we plan on getting married at sunset. That means most pictures we take after the ceremony with be dark. With doing a first look before the ceremony we'll have time to take pictures of the two of us as well as family pictures while it's still light out.

Another reason to do a first look is the happy couple won't have to wait long to arrive at the reception and won't keep guests waiting. We can walk down the aisle, have a private 15 or so minutes together and then walk in to the reception.

When Nathan first mentioned the First Look, I was like HELL NO! That's not for me. But after I got home from our meeting I started thinking about it. Maybe I could throw away tradition and jump on this new trend. It would be nice to have better photos and be more relaxed walking down the aisle. (Especially since I'll be in 4.5" heels, walking down stairs on a flagstone path.)

Besides, check out these awesome First Look photos:



I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. But I do know that I'm leaning a bit more towards the first look than I was two weeks ago.

What are girls doing? Is the first look for you? Or are you going the more traditional route?


  1. We are doing it because I want to spend every second of the reception partying, not hiding and taking pictures. Also, this way I can make sure he shows up to the wedding on time (he is notoriously late.)

  2. We're doing a first look too. I was originally really against it too, but then I realized it will make everything easier and I'll definitely get a picture of his face when he sees me (something I really want) whereas there's a chance I might not as I'm walking down the aisle. The pictures are just so cute! I know it's a hard choice though, good luck making your decision!