Monday, March 8, 2010

Where O Where....

...should our engagement shoot be? I've really been trying to brainstorm great places for pictures. I've been struggling a bit to come up with locations that have an "us" feel. I've realized I really like outdoor shots the most. Parks mostly, rather than in the city. Although I think a couple city shots would be nice since I like the Austin skyline and we do live here after all.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

I thought first maybe we could go to Town Lake (a huge hike and bike trail) and Zilker Park. Here's a shot from a bridge that look out towards the skyline. Can you picture it with the two of us in front of this gorgeous skyline. How pretty!


Next as we head down the hike and bike I would love some photos of us walking. You know I love the walking away hand-in-hand type. Plus there are a bunch of cute spots along the way. There's a bamboo forests, some gazebos and some great little bridges as it runs along the Colorado River.


There are also some great grassy areas in Zilker Park to take those much loved laying in grass shots!

Next I would like to head to Mount Bonnell. It's a little Austin landmark located in West Austin up in the hills. It looks out over the river and you can see the famous Pennypacker Bridge. It's also a great place to catch sunsets. Gorgeous, right?

The last place I'd like to go is Bull Creek. I love this little water spot. I often take my dogs there in the summer to go swimming. There's an awesome water fall with a deep pool at the bottom. I can just picture us splashing around in the water above the waterfall and possibly jumping off in to the pool at the end.

Taken by Yours Truly

Here's a fun video of what it will look like to splash around in the water demonstrated by my adorable dog, Olive. Albeit, she's a little more enthusiastic than I plan on being.

Video by Me as Well

If we have time, I would love a photo by this famous mural painted by Daniel Johnston. I have been obsessed with this since I moved to Austin 4 years ago.


What do you guys think of my places? Why did you choose your locations?


  1. Sounds like you have some great ideas for locations! Definitely talk to your photographer though, about what type of "feel" you are going for with your pics. I told our photog we wanted an "urban, city feel" and she basically took it from there. We met at one spot she suggested and then walked around from there--she had a ton of places she knew would work for what we were looking for that we never would have even thought of!

  2. Yeah I figure I'll talk to him cause he'd probably know best and have some great ideas