Monday, May 17, 2010

America's Next Top Modal Cycle 15, Here We Come!

That's right ladies (and gents) our engagement pictures are finally in! And let me just tell you, we worked it. There was modeling head-to-toe, smising (I hate that term), neck extensions, etc. Check 'em out!

Look at that sass!


Even cuter!

Action shot down Congress Ave!

Check out the mister's attitude in this pic! Hand on hip, hip sticking out, they definitely need a male ANTM!

If you look closely I'm giving my mister a classic Jenn face!

The token cute couple pic!

Love this pic! I felt like a 3 year old running through the wild flowers!

My absolute favorite picture. I know our faces aren't in it but it just seems so carefree. I want to blow this picture up and print it on canvas to hang on our wall!

I love that we got to take some pictures in the city and also in the fields of wildflowers showing both sides of Austin. I'm not sure what I'm going to use the pictures for yet, but you'll see them again, I promise!

Did you have as much fun with your engagement shoot as we did?


  1. Great pictures! I also love the contrast of urban and country. Especially that first one with the great graffiti background. It was absolutely freezing an gray when we took our e-pics so I'm envious that you got to wear a cute little summer dress!

  2. Well according to my photographer it was too sunny the day of our shoot. We had to "create" shade in a bunch of the pictures. How'd yours turn out?

  3. love the one with the legs ... the meadow is awesome ! great photos!

  4. Jenn-- Your favorite photo from the shoot is also my favorite! They turned out so freakin cute!

  5. Thanks Everyone! I just got all the hard copies from my photographer and I love them all!

  6. these are just great!! The running through the flowers is my favorite too!! It really does bring back the picture of youth. Just wonderfuL!