Friday, May 14, 2010

A Gift for the Mister

Enter the ever popular boudoir photo shoot. Who doesn't love a little boudoir, eh?

Anyways....I want to do a little somethin' somethin' for my mister to say thanks for hanging in there through all the wedding planning craziness. What better way then with some scantily clad photos of yours truly?

You wanna hear something awesome? My photography package includes a bridal session and I don't really think I need a million photos of me in my wedding dress not on my wedding day so my photographer is willing to do a boudoir shoot with me instead! How awesome is he? I think my photographer crush just got a little bit stronger!

He suggested we look at inspiration photos to get an idea of what type of shots we want to capture. Check out what I've found so far:

I love the idea of incorporating my veil into the photo shoot.

Since I am a pastry chef, an apron would make an awesome addition to the shoot.

I love the casual quality of these last two. They're very "me".

As you can tell from most of the pictures, I am aiming for more cute-sexy, rather than sexy-sexy. I just don't think I can pull off the super sexy look. It's just not me.

When it comes to wardrobe, I've got a few ideas so far. I'll have to run them past the photographer and see what he thinks.

1. Lacey tank top, boy shorts and possibly cowboy boots
2. Sexy bra and panties with an apron and possibly a cupcake or cake or cookbook
3. Simple bra/panties with a short robe over top
4. Something bridal

Oooo I'm so excited to make this happen. Are you gifting your fiance anything? Are you, too, doing a boudoir shoot? Any advice?

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  1. I did one and absolutely LOVED it!! They're so much fun and make you feel so confident. I did some that were bridal with an extra veil I have, the bride jacket I'm going to wear to get ready the day of, and some bride panties - They were super cute. :) Enjoy yourself!!