Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Balance in the Wedding World

Every wedding I've ever been to has had an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. I know that's the norm but I just didn't think it was necessary for us. However when we started planning and talking I could tell the mister really wanted symmetry.

We decided on three each. That seemed like a reasonable number for our small-ish wedding, right? I chose mine three months ago. Actually I already had them picked out before he ever proposed but don't tell him, ok?

You've met them before but here they are again. My sister Sarah, my college friend Jenna and my friend Leesa. Sorry ladies for the semi-embarrassing photos. Thought it'd be fun! :) PS...My sister does not normally sport a mohawk; it was just a Halloween costume.

Then the wait began. The mister could not choose his men. He kept picking a different group of three every time we talked. I think he was just confused and worried he'd get it wrong.

Eventually though he did make an important decision. He knew he wanted to include his rather large family as much as possible. He picked his dad to be his Best Man (yay, his dad is awesome!) Then he chose his little bro, Shawn to be a groomsmen along with his nephew A.J.

That's his brother Shawn, his Dad (with my adorable future niece, Addison) and A.J catching some crazy air on his skateboard!

But he also wanted to include some friends so enter friends Grady and Jarred. Now if you're keeping track that means he's up to five. What happened to three?

Meet Jarred and Grady.

He asked me if I wanted to add anyone else and I said no. I don't have anyone that I would put on the same level as my initial three ladies. Again I could tell he was uncomfortable having our sides be uneven.

So one night he suggested having his two sisters stand up for him, but on my side so that we'd each have five and five. I think that's an awesome idea! So he asked and they're in! Welcome Ashley and Tiffani.

Meet the mister's sisters, Ashley and Tiffani!

We're also including two more friends, Rockie and Brandon, plus the mister's other two brothers, Brett and Garan, as ushers.

So balance has been restored in our wedding world at last! How many people are standing up for you on your wedding day? Are the sides even? Was it coincidence or did you make it so?

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  1. our sides will be uneven because the Mr will be having my brothers stand on his side...I don't have anyone else I would feel right asking. So, yes, we will have uneven sides. C'est la vie!