Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flowers, Redone

I thought I was done with my bouquets back in October. But then I started working on some other flower projects and found this tutorial. I had a box of security envelopes that I'd bought for another project that never was so I thought I'd give it go. And let me just tell you the flowers came out awesome!

I went through the entire box of envelopes and got a huge pile of flowers.

After completing them I decided that they would look awesome in our bouquets too. So I disassembled the 4 bouquets I made months ago and mixed in some blue flowers and it was like there were angels singing over my head! What was once an ok bouquet just turned in to a perfect bouquet!

Hallelujah! Haha. I freakin' love them!!!

Have you completed any DIY projects just to go back and jazz them up some more? Did they turn out better than they were at first?