Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making Decisions Left and Right

It's been really exciting lately in wedding world for us. We've been making lots of decisions and it's really starting to feel like we're gonna have a wedding in six months! I'm so excited that it's finally all starting to come together.

It all started with a "little" thing called a to-do list. I love love love lists but for some reason couldn't make myself sit down and write one for all the wedding stuff I needed to do. Every time I thought about actually doing it, I got overwhelmed and gave up. But a couple weeks ago I finally conquered the wedding to-do list. And let me just say, whew!

Wanna know how I did it? First I took a notebook and literally wrote down everything I could possibly think of that I needed to do (small things too!) Then I went back through and sorted it by vender-to-do, DIY-to-do, and miscellaneous. I chose a different colored highlighter for each and got to work. Then I typed them all up on separate lists, printed them out and hung them up on what has recently become my wedding closet (actually I really have more of a whole wedding loft!)

So hopefully now I've motivated you to get going on your to-do lists. Since writing the lists I've

-I've designed our programs (I think they're totally kick-ass)
-the mister drew the graphic for our invites and I designed them
-I've got favors set up to execute
-The mister finally chose his wedding party (and has asked most of them)
-I've designed our centerpieces
-I've designed our aisle decorations
-We've taken our engagement photos
-We finished registering
-I made our arbor decorations

So go now! Get on it! If you're like me you've only got less than six months left! Look forward to lots of DIY posts soon. My mom's coming into town next weekend to celebrate Mom's Day and help with some of my DIY projects.

How did you get organized and stay focused during your wedding planning process? Did you ever get overwhelmed?

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