Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Indecisive Becomes Decisive

I guess I've kept ya'll waiting long enough, right? So you wanna know which caterer we chose? Do ya do ya? We chose Freebirds!

For those of you non-Texans Freebirds is to-die-for.If you are ever in Austin, it is a must-eat for sure. They're known for their custom, made-to-order burritos. So that's what we'll be having at our wedding. I love that each of our guests will get exactly what they want in their burrito.

They'll have a choice of rice, 2 kinds of beans, 2 kinds of cheese, various vegetables and many original recipe sauces. There will be chicken, steak and veggie (for the two that I know of veggie friends.) Plus chips, salsa and queso. Can you say yummy?!

So why Freebirds? (other than the reasons mentioned above of course) It's mine and the mister's favorite place to eat. We eat there probably every other week or so. And when I first moved down here I used to eat there one or two times a week. What can I say...I'm a fan!

We also love how casual Freebirds will keep our reception. We are striving for a laid back, fun reception and this will definitely add to that aesthetic.

How did you choose what to serve your guests? Are you giving your guests the ability to customize their meal?

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