Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Treat and a Seat

Let's talk favors! Wedding favors I mean. I knew from the second I started planning that I was going to have edible favors. That's what I'd be most excited about receiving so I know other people will appreciate them too.

I started racking my brain for the perfect favor. And then I saw this picture (ala Martha Stewart, course.)

Then the ball began rolling. I can make these tree/cone things and have lollipops sticking out of them. We have the perfect lollipop molds at work and I might be able to borrow.

Don't they go perfectly with our Texas Chic theme? Now I also need a solution for how to assign people to tables at the reception. Here's what I'm thinking:

What do ya'll think? What are you doing for favors and escort cards?

PS. I also making another small favor for our guests. I'm working on it this weekend so I'll have pictures early next week!


  1. For favors we are doing a candy buffet... fall colors... & will have flip flops on the dance floor. I have been looking at different ideas for escort cards- those are super cute and really go with your theme!