Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love in Bloom

After deciding a few weeks ago that I really wanted to bring out the "Texas" in our wedding, I started searching for ways to do that. I showed you our one favor that is also doubling as a escort card in my last post and now I'm going to show you our other favor that I've been working on that just screams TEXAS!

I stumbled upon this gem on Martha Stewart Weddings a few months back and bookmarked it just in case I could somehow work it into our wedding. After deciding on the first favor, the Texas lollipops, I thought it'd be nice to give a guests a little something extra.

Wildflowers are a huge part of Texas, especially the Austin area as Ladybird Johnson started a huge initiative to allow wildflowers to grow along all the highways around town. Check out more about this here.


Perfect! I've found a way to incorporate Martha's genius seed/matchbook packets. Wanna know how I did it? Here's a quick tutorial:

1. Here's what I started with when I downloaded the template from Martha.For those of you have have been following my blog, you know those colors don't match my colors so I headed into my trusty Paint.net to do a little color switch-a-roo!

2. I changed the colors to blue and yellow and also played with the fonts and text and got this:
3. Once I printed out a bajillion of them on my home printer on cardstock I was finally ready to begin. (In hindsight, it may have been smarter to get these printer somewhere, but oh well.)

4. I began by creasing all the sheet following Martha's handy dandy crease line markers. (There are three.)

5. Then I cut them all our on my Cricut cutter and folded them along the crease lines.

6. Next it was time to fill glassine bags with seeds. (I purchased my flower seeds at the local dollar store. It was a bit of a struggle to find the right size glassine bags for the right price but I did finally find them here. ) I put about a pinch of seeds in each bag.

7. Then I folded over each bag, stuck it in the bottom flap of the matchbook and stapled.

And VOILA, they're done.

I'm going to have these at each place setting at the reception to add a little more color to each table. (Thanks Mom and Sarah for helping! I would've taken me a million times longer to do these without you!)

Have you found the perfect favors for your guests? Where did you find them? Is anyone finding more inspiration at Martha Stewart then anywhere else?