Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We've Gotta Have Something to Eat Off Of, Right?

I know I told ya'll about a registering experience at Bed Bath & Beyond about a month back, but I haven't shared with you our experience at the second store we registered at.

It was divine! We registered at Macy's, to be exact. I love when I don't have to talk to people to get something done. Again, where would I be without the internet?

We decided to register at a second store because we couldn't find any plates that we really liked at Bed Bath & Beyond. The ones they carried were okay, but not great. We were looking for blue. Their blue plates just didn't cut it.

I decided to look at Macy's since I'd already created a "fake" registry there so that I could enter some wedding contest (and no I didn't win; I never win Anyways, I discovered that Macy's carries Fiesta dishes!

What if I told you that since I was a small child I have lusted after Fiesta plates? It's true. I love the simplicity of the plate and the bold colors they offer.

We decided on their Cobalt blue dishes, but also decided to throw some Scarlet red dishes in as well. I plan on having a red and blue theme in my kitchen so this will work out perfectly.Dishes are they only thing on this registry. Is that weird? Did you have to go to another store to find one thing that you wanted to register for that you couldn't find anywhere else?


  1. Those are great!! You kitchen is going to be full of life & color! We registered at BB&B and Pottery Barn for most of the typical things...but we keep toying with the idea of a registry at Lowes for a Grill! I think we'll go ahead and buy it ourselves though...don't want to wait on the summer cooking

  2. We Love Fiesta too! I love the colors you're getting. I love the teal too in the top picture. We did BB&B and Kohls.