Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yeah, that's right, I threw an extra "chica" in there. Cue porn music! Haha, just kidding.

I told y'all I was planning on doing a boudoir shoot with my photographer and I've got pictures back, baby! And let me just tell y'all, it was so much fun! I thought I'd be crazy nervous, but I was so relaxed. Let me clue you in on why I think I was so calm.

1. The photographer's wife came along too. I'd met her at my engagement shoot previously. She's super nice and definitely helped relax the mood.
2. My sister was also there to calm the nerves.
3. I super planned so that everything was thought of and taken care of ahead of time.
4. I had some delicious Dos XX at the ready (although I didn't end up really needing the liquid courage after all)
5. I had a little playlist on my iPod playing in the background.

I decided to do the shoot at my sister's apartment and it worked out brilliantly. We rearranged some furniture, I made some quick decorations using an extra canvas and some fabric I had laying around and draped the bed with white sheets.

I brought five outfits with me, and love every single one. My photographer recommended multiple so that we'd have options. Here are mine:

-Rugby shirt, boy shorts, tube socks, xBox game controller (my fiance is a gamer)
-50s style dress, apron, mixing bowl, whisk, spatula, cookbooks, cupcake (I'm a pastry chef)
-my wedding night nightie, sheer robe, veil, high heels
-blue men's button-up shirt, black bra and underwear, tie, pearls
-lacey tank top, boy shorts

So without further ado (and Dad, I know you read my blog sometimes, please stop reading NOW. Close your browser page immediately)!

Cause you know, I look sexy every time I'm playing the xBox and shooting zombies and whatnot.

Oh yes, let me help you with that cupcake. (wink, wink) ;)

Umm...wow. That's all I can say about this shot. I look hot. I never thought I could pull off hot!

We ended up going with the pearls over the tie, and it was my photographer's idea to bring a Polaroid and shoot some pics of me like I was doing my own photo session.

I also got to have a pillow fight with the camera. Again, the photographer's idea. His wife and my sister stood out of frame and threw the white feathers into the shot. I also had some in my pillowcase so when I swung, they flew out.

All in all, I say it went brilliantly. I never thought I could pull off sexy, but somehow I managed to. It was my photographer's first boudoir shoot and he did an awesome job and had some great ideas!

Seriously, if you are at all considering a boudoir shoot, I say do it! It's up to you how much you want to show off. I opted for more covered up than scandalous, so do what you want. It really will boost your confidence after you get the photos back.

Now I have to decide what to do with the photos. As you might recall, I'm gifting them to my fiance on our wedding day. I think what I'll probably do is make him a little book and possibly frame one for his home office. Just a small frame that he can enjoy while he's gaming. I just wish I didn't have to keep it a secret for another three months. It's killing me!

Are you planning a boudoir shoot? Need any more tips? Just message me.


  1. You looked amazing! I would consider doing one for a future anniversary.

  2. You totally should. The gift will definitely be appreciated!

  3. That looks awesome! I am definitely going to do one but I want to wait until next summer. There is no way I could hide it for too long.

  4. Great pics and great idea for a wedding gift!

  5. Ack! I have my shoot in 2 weeks! I cannot WAIT. Every time I see pictures as great as this, I get so excited and a little less nervous.

  6. Y'all I cannot tell you how much fun it was! And when I got the pictures back and saw how awesome they turned out, I was walking around with a dumb smile on my face for days. That was hard explaining to the fiance. :)

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