Monday, July 26, 2010

To Die For Photo Inspiration, Volume 3

That's right ladies, this is the final installment for my photo inspiration. So let's get underway.

Let's start off with a bride in some kick-ass Converses. Perhaps in blue? Perhaps like the ones I just happen to have in a box in my wedding closet? I can not wait to jump and dance around in my Converses all night long!


That's Mrs. Pencils and her hubby from Weddingbee. I really hope our photographer can capture some personality shots of my and my fiance. We're both total weirdos and funny faces just come naturally to me so hopefully we'll be relaxed enough in front of the camera to get some great shots.


I think Mrs. Cola (again from Weddingbee) talked about a twirling shot and I just fell in love. I was that little girl that would watch The Sound of Music and be jealous of Liesl and her dress when she was dancing with Rolf in the gazebo singing "I am Sixteen, Going on Seventeen." I have always wanted a dress that twirled. I have no idea if my wedding dress will, in fact, twirl, but damn it, I'm gonna try!

This last photo that I hope gets captured is a weird one. I really want a photo of me eating at the wedding. I know that sounds strange, especially for me. See I'm the kind of person that hates when people watch me eat. I get all paranoid that there's something on my face. I know, I'm weird, whatever. But we're serving burritos at our wedding. And for some reason I think it'd be awesome to see a bride in her wedding dress stuffing her face with burrito.

Ummm, yeah. Y'all probably think I'm crazy now. Oh well. So are there any unique shots that you have to have taken on your wedding day? Any suggestions for shots you think I might be missing?

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  1. Now that you've thought these shots out, I'm sure you'll get them! I want a picture of all the food, I love food!