Thursday, July 29, 2010

He's Putting a Ring On It

You know, every time I hear that Beyonce song now, I think of Glee, when the football players are dancing on the field. Classic!

And if, for some reason, you have not seen this episode, click here now! And seriously, if don't watch Glee, you should be. All the cool kids are doing it ;)

OK, now on to what this post is really about. My wedding band arrived yesterday! My fiance is a good fiance and ordered mine last week. I have been a bad fiance and still have not ordered his. I will this week, I promise.

It's perfect! It's very dainty, had tiny little stones in it and it's super light. It took me forever to decide what kind of band I even wanted and ultimately chose this one because the stone settings resembled the settings on my engagement ring (where the diamonds are anyways).

So here's my extremely lousy attempt at being an artist. I don't know what happened to my photography skills, but they've definitely gone missing.

Here's my band and engagement ring. This is the box the band came in. Nothing special. And PS...I seriously need to clean my engagement ring. It usually sparkles more than that.

Now on top of this awesome Dr Pepper box, our favorite type of drink. And, unfortunately, the bad habit I have yet to be able to kick. :(

This one's for my fiance, Star Wars fan extraordinaire. I found it in his man room and thought, why not hang my rings of Darth Vader's light saber.

Here's the thing. When I opened the box and popped the ring on to my finger (to make sure that it fit OK, obviously, and not at all because I can't wait to wear it everyday for the rest of my life), it really set in. Holy crap, I'm getting married. This is all real. The party I've been planning for almost a year now is actually happening. It's happening really soon. I'm going to be someone's wife. Weird. That'll take some getting used to.

How'd you choose your wedding band? Did you have a moment when it really set in that you are getting married, that it's all real?


  1. I can't watch Glee no matter how badly I want to!

    I love your ring! Very pretty.

  2. i heart glee... and your ring! so pretty

  3. Thanks Ladies. And must find a way to watch Glee. Is it online? It's the best show on right my opinion. :)

  4. I love Glee! Your ring and band are really nice. :)