Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Broadcast... say...I'm having a bridal shower!!! (Haha, yes, I knew I was having one, but I got the invite in my inbox today and all I can think is, Yay!)

My fabulous bridesmaids, yes all five of them, are throwing me what I know will be one kick-ass bridal shower. They even included one of my wedding colors on the invite!

Most of the plans for the shower are on the down-low. All I do know is that my sister is in charge of games. Yay! There will be games. That was one of my requests. Yes, I do want to play all those cheesy bridal shower games. It's part of getting married, darn it! :)

I also, happen to know that my shower has a lingerie theme. Let, me just say....bow-chica-bow-wow! Haha, another one of my requests. What can I say? You only get married once and I want to make all the festivities as fun as possible.


What is that?'s a pasty sundae, of course. (Courtesy of Mrs. Cheeseburger from Weddingbee!)

I only wish I didn't have to wait until September to party. :(

Is anyone else as excited about their bridal shower as I am? Is yours a secret? Does it have a specific theme?


  1. Lingerie theme and bridal games? Sweet! I love that invite too! Have fun!

  2. Wow! What a cute invite - is that the one they sent you?
    Sounds like it is going to be a blast - I am sure your FI will love the theme too!
    Have a great time & take lots of pictures!

  3. Oh yes, I've already assigned my sister to take pictures and I'm sure he'll appreciate it...I'm so pumped!

  4. 人生像一杯茶,若一飲而盡,會提早見到杯底..................................................

  5. I wanted a girly gal bridal shower, but I am not a huge girly gal and so we are planning a jack and jill shower for the two of us..I think the plan is BBQ Party at one of the local state parks which I am a huge fan of!

  6. Oooo that'll be fun loveisyouloveisus. I'm not super girly either but I figure I'm gonna need stuff for the honeymoon so why not, plus I know it'll be fun.