Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Fiance is Brilliant!

OK, well maybe just to a bride who has been stressing over a giant project she decided to take on that's been sitting in her closet now for many months now. What can I say? It was too big. And I just didn't want to do it.

Remember those jars I told you about that I scored for free from work?

Guess what ladies? I finally did something with them. And let me explain why they defeated me for so long before my brilliant fiance helped this sister out.

Basically, the jars were free, but they had these pain-in-the-butt labels stuck on them. And I mean stuck. Like they used extra super-strength glue on these bad boys. God forbid a corner of a label peel off. They weren't taking any chances.

Anyways, it was taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R (Sandlot, anyone?) to scrape the labels off. I was having to soak them in hot water, then scrape with an old credit card, then try to wipe off all the glue with Goof-Off, then run under water, another round of Goof-Off and more water. It was horrible. I got a big ole blister on my hand.

I was feeling defeated, so I finally broke down and asked my fiance if he'd help. He agreed. Yay! But then they continued to sit there for another week. Stupid jars. Here comes the genius idea:

Instead of peeling the labels off, just cover them up! Novel idea, right? I feel like such a dummy. It took me many months and a blister, just for my fiance to come along and tell me to cover them up. Why didn't I think of that?

So cover them up is what I did! I used three different wedding wrapping papers (all bought at the dollar store) and four different ribbons to jazz these jars up. And some of that trusty double-sided tape that I love.

Oh yeah, thinking hard, in a not-so-attractive crafting outfit! :)

I plan on grouping three jars together on each table for the centerpiece. Each cluster will sit on top of a square of either yellow or blue fabric and each jar will hold a floating candle. I'm hoping for a very romantic glow to the reception area.

Did you spend months fretting over a project, only to figure out a simple, no-brain way of accomplishing it? Nothing like a little fiance to the rescue!