Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Baby's Have Left the Nest!

I feel like a mom watching her baby go away to college. I have released my wedding invitations into the world. Two days ahead of schedule! Go me! They've been done for about a month and have been patiently waiting in a shoe box, ready to go!

**Taken by Mr. Plaid!

I hope they make it safely to where they need to go. That means I could have RSVPs as early as next week. Eeeep! I'm so excited. It's all becoming so real!

The reveal is coming soon. Promise. I was actually going to post the reveal without sending them out, but like I said, I'm ahead of schedule so you'll just have to wait.

Were you sad to see your invitations go? Or were you more excited to see the RSVPs arrive?


  1. Long time to talk! I have been kinda MIA lately! Congrats on sending your invites early, Go you!!! The next month will be the craziest time of your life. Remember to slow down and enjoy evey minute!

  2. I know. I haven't been around as much lately either. I'm waiting for it to get crazy now. I know it's all starting!