Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fear Not, We Are Not Alone Ladies!

Apparently men have wedding nightmares too! At least one man, ahem Mr. Plaid, had one.

I woke up Sunday feeling well-rested from our day at the lake on Saturday to a grumpy Mr. Plaid. Here's how what it went down:

Me: "What's wrong?"
Mr. Plaid: "I dreamt that you left me for someone better." (Sad face)

Me: "What?!"

Mr. Plaid: "I know you'd never actually do that but it all seemed so real!"

I laid back down in bed and gave him a big ole bear hug. Poor baby. I hate those dreams that seem so real that when you wake up it takes a minute to figure out if what just happened was a dream or reality. It's freaky.

And this is not the first time Mr. Plaid had a wedding nightmare. A few months ago he woke up and said he dreamt that nobody came to our wedding. My thoughts on that subject: "Oh well!"

Of course I want people there, but if they can't be bothered to show, not my problem. If I did everything in my power to convince them to come, oh well. I know everyone has a million things going on in their own lives so I'm not going to stress if people don't come. However, if NO ONE shows, I will be more than a little depressed. But that'll never happen, so that's one nightmare that won't be coming true.

So ladies, has your fiance suffered from wedding nightmares? Have you?

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  1. Love your attitude! If they cant be bothered, who cares!