Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Leaf" Your Print and Sign

I knew from the moment I saw the thumb print/guest book tree trend, I was going to have to include it in our wedding day!

I've always wondered what people do with their guest books after the wedding. I didn't want a book with people's signatures just hanging around collecting dust. I love the idea that I can take our guest book and display it proudly in our house after the wedding.

These were some of the first examples of this trend that I found:

How can you not love this trend? And what a perfect opportunity to get Mr. P involved in the wedding planning again!

I asked him to draw a tree with just branches. Check out what he came up with:

I was blown away by how quickly he drew this and how awesome it looks. He started with pencil and traced over it in Sharpie. I think it took him only an hour and a half. Thank god he's artisic because I, ladies, am not. At least not with a pencil and paper.

I am, however, proficient with fonts and lettering. Once he finished the tree I added the lettering underneath. I chose Centurion Ho for the lettering.

What are y'all doing for a guest book? Are you going traditional with a book, or doing something a bit more trendy like a tree like me, postcards like Miss Starfish, or a bench like Mrs. Sand Dollar?

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