Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Mama Gets Purrty!

Over the years Mama Plaid has been a great inspiration to me and an even better shoulder to cry on and the best cheerleader a girl could ask for.

I finally got to be my mom's cheerleader last summer at her wedding!

In turn, I feel she deserves to look just as beautiful as me on my wedding day. From the moment I announced my engagement, she's been right there willing to help. Granted, it's been more difficult than either of us ever imagined with her in Idaho and me in Texas. But she's still there for anything and everything I need and is also planning to come down here a week early to help with all the last minute things that are bound to pop up.

Back to the task at hand: finding Mama Plaid a gorgeous dress to wear to my wedding. She knew she wanted to wear yellow (one of her favorite colors and also one of my wedding colors), but she also knew she wanted to lose a significant amount of weight before she went dress shopping. So we had to wait until September before we could even start the hunt.

As September rolled around, my mom was 40 pounds lighter and was ready to go dress shopping. We heard about this site, Helene Bridal, from one of my bridesmaids, and decided to check it out. It is an awesome site! There are so many options. We both went through the dresses separately and then decided on one together. One of the great features of this store is that they will make it to fit exactly so you don't have to get it altered!

Isn't it gorgeous?!?! It's great quality, fits perfectly and it arrived quickly. I'm so glad we found this site and my mom was able to get a dress that she loves. I can't wait to see her in it on our wedding day! I also bought Mama Plaid a gorgeous silvery gray pashmina to wear with it if she chooses!

Where did your mom find her fabulous dress? Did you get to go shopping with her or did you two have to do it via the internet?

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