Monday, September 20, 2010

Mr. Plaid's Bling!

I just realized that I never shared Mr. Plaid's bling with y'all. (I know that title is totally lame. Let me just say that coming up with titles is definitely not my strong suit. Sorry.)

Just stating for the record, I am ecstatic that Mr. Plaid actually wants to wear a ring. It seems to me that about half the married men in the world wear a ring, while the other half don't. I think it's nice when the man wears a ring because it's like they're bragging about their awesome wife! That's probably not the reason guys wear a ring, but it sounds good to me so I'm just gonna go with it. ;)

However, Mr. Plaid is in the same boat as me. He works with his hands, i.e. large power tools, and can't wear his ring to work. Boo. Or rather, shouldn't wear his ring so as to avoid any crazy accidents involving his ring and/or his finger having to be removed. Eeek!

But when he's not working he'll be sporting this beauty come the end of October:

His ring by itself

Our rings together!

It's it gorgeous? It's white gold with a tungsten carbide inlay. It's very heavy, at least compared to my featherweight ring. I really hope he can get used to wearing it as he is very much a non-jewelry wearing type of man.

Was your fiance excited to wear his wedding band? Was it an easy choice or a challenge to find something he liked?

PS...I promise I've got more DIY coming this week. I know the DIY storm that I started with has been a little lacking as of late, but more to come, promise!

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