Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little Shoe Redo

Do y'all remember the shoes that I gushed about a couple months ago? No? Let me remind you.

I love them. I still love them. But sadly I won't be wearing them on my wedding day anymore. They're very tall. And by tall I mean four and three quarter inches tall. You see, Mr. Plaid is 6'6" so I could wear eight inch heels and still be shorter then him. So I thought, four and three quarter inches was nothing.

But they're too tall. They hang out of the bottom of my dress. I bought the dress before the shoes and the dress can't be made longer. So goodbye fabulous shoes.

I found these Nina shoes on clearance at DSW a few weeks ago and got it in my head that I could dye them myself. Yeeeeaaahhh...that did not end well. So moving on again.

I searched online and found a cute pair on They were very basic but I liked them. I figured if I got them and they were too plain, I could always spruce them up. And at $25, I couldn't lose anything. So order them I did!

When they arrived, they indeed were too plain. But they fit perfectly and I really liked the style. These were the shoes. They were also the perfect height. The dress covered most of them, with just a hint of blue poking out the bottom!

So, what do you need to spice up a pair of shoes? Glitter, of course! And possibly some flowers, you know, for just a little something extra!

1. All started with two shoes...

2. The shoes were stuffed with newspapers and prepared for their glitterizing.

3. Glitter away!

4. And voila! Glitterfication complete! Oooo sparkly!

6. Of course that wasn't enough, so faux flowers were deconstructed.

7. Then reassembled and beads were added to the center.

8. The flower was then glued to the shoes.

One more picture on my foot for good measure. Please excuse the horrible toe paint job. Eww!

So what do y'all think? Are they fancy enough? If the flower too much? Did you have to embellish your wedding shoes to make them picture worthy?


  1. Wow! Those look like totally different shoes! How did you do the paint/glitter job? They are cute!!!

  2. I used Elmers spray glue and then just sprinkled them with craft glitter. I love them! Thanks!