Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ooo Sweetheart! Revisited.

You got it! I'm talking about a Sweetheart's Table at the reception. I love love love the idea of an individual table just for the bride and groom. Why you ask? Well let me tell you....

First, chances are we're not going to be sitting a whole lot at the reception anyways. So, to me, it makes more sense to have a table just for the two of us. That way if we get up to chat we're not abandoning our fellow table-mates.

Second, it seems romantic. On the off chance that we do actually sit at our table we get it all to ourselves. We can share some private moments that I know we'll be craving that day.

Third, well let me show you in pictures:

Here's what I came up with for our sweetheart table:

You're gonna have to use your imagination and see this against a nice clean white table cloth, not my oatmeal colored throw. And I may include some jars with candles on our table just like the ones I'm using for the centerpieces.

The first part of this post is a bit of a repeat for y'all, but please follow to the end if you're interested in my project!

It was very easy to make and didn't take much time either. I went to Michaels and bought this olive branch cluster thing fr0m the floral department. I think it cost five bucks. Then, using a bunch of leftover flowers from our bouquets, I covered the olive branch cluster.

I really liked the idea of incorporating our initials in someway. I found some thick cardboard (I think it was backing a stack of vellum I'd purchased for another project.) Yay for free stuff! I printed out "J & R" (I'm not sure what font I chose) and then cut them out of the cardboard with an Xacto knife. And of course, decided to spice them up with a little glitter.

Using some leftover (do you see a trend yet?) yellow ribbon, I hung the letters from the middle of the branches.

Are y'all having a sweethearts table? How are you planning to decorate your special table?

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