Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shower the People (or in this case, ME!)

... you love with love... oh James Taylor. I got showered with lots of love this past weekend.

My bridesmaids decided to throw me a bridal shower/bachelorette party extravaganza all crammed into one day of delightfulness. BM Jenna even flew in from San Francisco for the weekend to party with us!

MB Tiffani, Co-MOH/Sis Sarah, me, Co-MOH Leesa, BM Jenna

It was a very intimate affair. Four out of five of my fabulous BMs were able to make it and a few friends joined the party too. I can't get over how generous everyone was. I felt so loved!

I'll start by showing you the details that my sister/Co-MOH Sarah agreed to take for me.

BM Tiffani ordered chocolates off with our names on them and in our wedding colors. She also ordered custom cocktail napkins and personalized confetti. Is she cute, or what?

My sister organized the games. We kept them pretty tame. We played a game similar to Scattergories first. (If you don't know what that game is, go buy it immediately. It's awesome!) And then we played the Newlywed Game. My sis emailed Mr. P and got his answers. Some of them were very interesting. For instance, I apparently remind him of a chipmunk. (Homework: Ask your SO what animal you remind them of? It'll be interesting. Promise.)

Co-MOH Leesa made lots of delicious food. Orange pecan mini-muffins, white bean dip, cinnamon fruit dip and loads more. Serious loads. We have lots of leftovers. Please come over and eat them so I don't get fat. Just kidding... sort of.

There was a bit of a lingerie theme to the shower. Check out these adorable cookies BM Jenna made.

Cute, huh?

And I got some fabulous lingerie to temp Mr. P with.

I also got a picnic basket filled with wine, cheese, wine glasses and crackers, an awesome spatula for pancake flipping (Mr. P was very excited about this gift as he picked it out when we were registering) and an aphrodisiac cookbook. Oh yeah, and a panty sundae.

I sent the picture Mrs. Cheeseburger posted of her panty sundae to my sis in hopes she'd re-create it for me!

Check out this gorgeous cake my co-worker Bert made for me! And it was funfetti inside. My favorite!

My bridesmaids and friends are awesome. I love y'all so much. Up next, bachelorette fun!

Did you have an awesome bridal shower? Was there a theme?

***All photos taken by Co-MOHs Sarah and Leesa


  1. Beautiful cake! Glad you had a good time.

    I didn't have a theme for the shower besides all pinked out but my bachelorette party was pirate themed.

  2. Oooo pirate themed?! That sounds awesome!