Monday, September 13, 2010

Hair Did and My Face Put On

Yep, that's right, I went for my hair and make-up trial on Thursday and it came out perfect!!! Now I'm even more excited for my wedding day.

I went to the appointment with these two pictures for inspiration (thanks Miss Earrings for posting the first one!):

As y'all know, I had a really hard time deciding what to do with my hair. I couldn't decide if I wanted it down, up, short or long. Because I couldn't decide, I figured long hair would give me more options, so no pre-wedding chop for me. I also decided I would get hot with hair on my neck, so I decided to go for an up-do.

I knew I wanted a '40s style hairdo so I asked the stylist to start with the idea in my picture and then just run with it. And I wanted to go vintage-y with the makeup, as well, so enter bold red lip, with subtle eyes. She did a great job!

Here's my before picture:

I can't believe I just posted that! Please forgive the giant bags and circles under my eyes and the horrible hair that was under a hat all day at work. Ick!

And now the after:

And one more with my veil and earrings:

***All photos of me taken by Mr. P and myself.

I won't bore you with more pictures, but I did take some right before bed, eight hours later, and it looked great! I few hairs had fallen and the lipstick wasn't as bright. The stylist said the day of she'd add lip stain under the lipstick, so that will help with fading. And just to see how long the makeup would really last, I slept in it. The next morning the eyes were perfect except right under my eyes. The dark circles were back. I say it was a complete success!

SIDE NOTE: She used airbrush makeup and I have now discovered that not only am I ticklish every where else on my body, I'm also ticklish on my face.

Did your hair trial come out as gorgeous as you had hoped? Or did you have to go a couple times to get it right? Have any of you experience airbrushed make-up?

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  1. You look beautiful! I did airbrush makeup at my trial as well and I loved how it came out. It was a new experience but I'm glad I'm going for it on my wedding day (especially because it cost the same as regular makeup).