Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Man

I have a secret to confess. There's been a new man in my life lately. At least there has been for the last week or so. His name is Fred and he's adorable. Move over Mr. P, there's a new man in town. :)

Are you ready for an introduction? Here goes nothin'. Meet Fred...the zombie!

Isn't he adorable? I love how he turned out! And if you don't remember (click here), I'm planning on making a big brain cake for Mr. P's groom's cake. And what goes with a brain? Why, a zombie, of course!

Fred is made mostly of gumpaste (a material used for making flowers on cakes) with a little help from some wire and Styrofoam. I tried to add a bunch of subtle details to make Fred even cuter. If you look closely his ribs are exposed on his chest. And under his ribs, a giant heart. I also decided to have Fred hold a small yellow gumpaste flower identical to the ones that will make an appearance on the wedding cake.

Are any of you ladies brave (or crazy, which is what most people think) enough to make your groom's cake? And more importantly has your fiance adequately trained you for the inevitable zombie apocalypse?

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