Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Find Your Dang Seat Already

Haha...I'm not frustrated at all. :)

Our RSVP deadline was over about three weeks ago. I set it a bit early knowing I needed to know guest numbers to finish some remaining projects earlier than the week before the wedding. Apparently many of our invited guests had a different idea.

I'm not sure what our RSVP return rate actually was, but it was not good. We had to track down many people for an answer. It surprised me to find out that many people think they don't have to respond to an RSVP if they're not coming. It also surprised me to find out that a lot of people don't feel the need to respond if they told you a year ago in passing that they'd be at your wedding. Honestly though, a week out from our wedding, this is the only thing that has caused us stress.

After all the tracking down was complete, I thought it was finally time I start working on my table assignment project. I told y'all I was planning on making Texas shaped lollipops for each guest with their name and table number on the back. Check 'em out!

Cute, right? So I got all my lollipops made and was ready to label. (It did take me awhile to figure out who to sit with who...seating charts are hard, I'm not gonna lie.) My sister, Co-MOH Sarah, came over on her day off and helped me label all the pops and stick them on my Styrofoam trees. It took us a few hours to get everything organized, but we finished and we felt triumphant.

Not two hours after we finished, Mr. P came home and to tell me someone else had RSVP-ed yes. Grrr! It wouldn't have been a big deal if this new guest had a seat at a table that made sense for him to be at. Because it was Mr. P's guest, I handed the seating chart over to him to be redone. A few more people decided they'd come to, so we ended up adding more tables and rearranging all our guests to fit the stragglers in.

Well, my mom came in on Saturday and the first task we tackled was relabeling all the lollipops with everyone's new table numbers. Thank god I had enough sense to print the table number on a separate label from the names. Now our seating assignments are really done. Project complete! And only one more major project to complete before Saturday!!!

What was your RSVP return rate? Were you surprised by people's assumptions when it came to RSVPs? How did you tackle seating assignments?

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