Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Color Splash: Starting with the Basics!

Ok, so I'll start at the beginning I guess. The core of any wedding: the color scheme. I've always thought I was a summer bride. Bright colors, endless flowers, etc. But seeing as how I live in Austin, TX, home of the 100-degree summer days, a summer wedding is out of the question. Unless I want my guests to melt in the heat. I love the heat but I need to remember that not everyone is crazy like me. Not to mention, my man hates the heat.

So a compromise is being made. A total switch-a-roo if you will. I think December would be perfect. However, December often brings Christmas-y themed weddings. Something I would like to avoid at all costs. I can't have that traditional wintery wedding either, seeing as how we don't really see much snow down in these parts. So no snowflakes and ice for this girl.

So what colors have I choosen. (At least preliminary - before engagement colors.) Dark blue and forest green. It's kind of a spin on the winter/Christmas colors. The dark green will represent pine trees and the dark blue is the snow-y color. Plus blue is my man's favorite color and green is mine. I would like to work in various shades of both colors plus some silver to make this pop.

What do you think of the color combo? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Is it all wrong?

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