Friday, July 24, 2009

A Swoon-Worthy Wedding....with a Tight Budget

Okay so here's the deal. Me and my man are not rich....haha, no where close actually. I want a gorgeous wedding. I've realized that it's totally doable. I'm thinking I want to stay under $5,000. And I've estimated that our guest list will probably be around 90-ish people. However, with most of my guests traveling from out of town, our guest list could shrink to as little as 65.

Ideally I'd like to be able to pay for a honeymoon with that same $5,000. I've seen specials online for all-inclusive resorts for as little as $500 a person. That would be awesome. That would be perfect.

I plan on DIYing literally as much as possible. The invites, the programs, the decorations, everything. Even the cake. When I tell people I want to make my own wedding cake they think I'm nuts. But I like simple. And I do make wedding cakes for the living. Do you think I'm crazy?

Other than that I plan on asking friends and family members to help, if they want to. Me and my man are very committed to not putting this wedding on credit. It all needs to be paid for out of pocket. It's a must.

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